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Amp Wiring Kit Buyers Guide

Compare Amp Installation Kits

  BassikFull Kit KCAFull Kit KolossusFull Kit KolossusPower Kit Only
  Standard More Power Pro Grade Competition Grade
Max Power & Price        
0 Gauge 200A $32.99More info 250A $49.99More info     300A $124.99More info
4 Gauge 60A $19.99More info 80A $27.99More info 120A $59.99More info    
8 Gauge 40A $12.49More info 50A $17.99More info 60A $36.99More info    
Battery / Power Wire        
Wire Type Copper Clad Aluminum Copper Clad Aluminum Tinned Oxygen Free Copper Tinned Oxygen Free Copper
True Gauge Yes Oversized Oversized Oversized
Length 16.5Ft 18Ft 18Ft 18Ft
RCA Cable        
Type 2 Channel Bassik 2 Channel Bassik 2 Channel Klarity Not Included
Length 16.5Ft 16.5Ft 16.5Ft
Speaker Wire        
Type Bassik 16 Gauge Bassik 14 Gauge Kord 12 Gauge Not Included
True Gauge Yes Yes Yes
Length 16.5Ft 16.5Ft 16.5Ft
Fuse Holder        
Included 1 1 1 1
Fuses included Yes Yes Yes Yes

How to Choose an Amp Installation Kit

Choosing the correct wire gauge is the most critical part in selecting an amplifier wiring kit. You need to be certain the cable you are installing can safely transfer the load from your battery to your amplifier. Selecting a cable too small for your amplifier will cause loss of voltage

Using the above chart, the first step is to determine your amplifiers maximum current draw or fuse rating in amps. Most amplifiers have fuses on one end near the power connections. Add up these fuses, the total is the max draw your amplifier is capable of. For example, your amp has three 25A fuses on board, that means it can draw up to 75A from your battery. You need to select a cable that has a Max Power Rating that is equal to or greater than your max draw. Additionally, we need to make sure we select a gauge that our amplifier is physically capable of accepting. KnuKonceptz does however have a solution for that problem too, we offer gauge reducers to fit larger gauges into smaller receptacles

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  • ? How many watts can this amp kit handle?
  • ? Can I alter this kit in any way before purchasing?
  • ? I need a longer power wire, what can I do?
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