What is marine grade wire?
You may have read up on our Kolossus power wire and heard us describe the cable as being “marine grade” .  This may seem irrelevant for your application, after all, you are building a car audio system, not a 2000 watt boat stereo.  Well being marine grade means the power cable or speaker wire has…
Lower Shipping Rates into Canada!
KnuKonceptz has paired up with FedEx to offer expedited shipping and a painless customs expirience for our customers up north! Even better news, shipping rates on average decreased by 25%. Getting your shipping quote is painless too! Simply add items to your cart, update your country and province information and review the rate. KnuKonceptz handles…
Limited Time – Kits of Kolor
Now shipping Kolossus 4 Gauge and Kolossus 0 Gauge amp kits with your choice of power wire. This option is available on the following models: KOL-AK4 and KOL-AK4-4 This is a Limited Time Offer!
Kandy Kolors are back in stock!
Brighten your install with KnuKonceptz Kandy Battery Kable. Available in Neon Blue, Green, and Purple. Select from Oxygen Free Copper (Kolossus) or our Copper Clad Aluminum series (KCA) Shop for OFC or CCA