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Brand: KnuKonceptz
Product SKU: KNF-60x31
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Weight: 2.6
Price: $39.99

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  • KonFUSED Inline Fuse Holder x 3

The KNF60 uses 6 isolated ports in its patented design*. Each is then linked, fused, or left open to configure the block for your application's demands. Utilizing three platforms to fuse or link these ports makes the KNF60 unlike any distribution block before it. Each output has room for two links or Mini-ANL fuses allowing up to 300A of protect per circuit!

Each port on the KNF60 is capable of accepting 0 gauge or 4 gauge power cable depending on the fitting used. Now power for the largest installations can be easily be routed through one block!

Take advantage of the patent pending isolated port design of the KNF-60 to configure three independent in line fuse holders. Perfect for competition use in events like MECA or DB Drag Racing. Multiple power wire runs from front to back of a vehicle need to be fused. Using only the lower fuse platform, the KNF-60 yields three in line fuse holders capable of loads up to 300A each. Going into the DB Drag lanes? Swap the fuses for links and eliminate the chance of a fuse blowing. Going to a MECA show? Install your Mini-ANL fuses for proper system classification.


*Pat No, D695698, additional Pat Pending

Dimensions L x W x H: 4.9" x 4.6" x 1.85"
Total Ports: 6
Fittings Included: Four 0 Gauge, Two 4 Gauge
Fuse Type: Mini-ANL (AFC)
Fuse Count: 6 fuses come with the KNF-60x31
Max Load: 300A x 3
Finish: Black Chrome


Overview – KNF Series Fuse / Distribution Blocks use our compression fittings to secure the input and output cable connections. By changing the fitting type, the installer can select from 1/0 or 4 gauge input or output


Configuration – To setup your three in line folders, install the Mini-ANL links across the lower fuse platforms that go across the KNF-60. This configuration pairs an input and one output together, making each port independent of each other.

Please see our compression fittings how to for more information regarding fitting/wire installation here http://www.knukonceptz.com/assets/Tech/knfhowto.pdf

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How do I determine what size fuses I need for this fuse block?
Each output of a fuse distribution block normally is connected to a single amplifier. Each amplifier will have either a fuse on board or the manufacture will state within the manual's installation guide or spec sheet what the max fuse rating or current draw of the amplifier is. If your amp has three 30A fuses on boards, you want a 100A fuse for that particular output of this block (90A is not an option we offer). If the second amp has a single 40A fuse, then a 40A fuse goes into that output of the block and thus a 100A and 40A would be required.
The KNF-60 has many configurations, am I able to change to a different option later?
Yes, the KNF-60 can be reconfigured at any time using additional links or fuses. It is up to the installer to configure the KNF-60 to bet match your installation's needs.
I ordered 100A and 160A fuses, why did I receive 50A(x2) and 80A(x2) fuses?
The KNF-60 uses two fuses per circuit (output). This lowers loss across a fused connection and increases the capacity of the fuse block. Using multiple smaller fuses keeps the block in a manageable size and offers less loss compared to similar large gauge block.