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KonFUSED 0 Gauge Fused Positive Battery Terminal In Line Fuse Holder

Brand: KnuKonceptz
Product SKU: FBT-40P
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Weight: 1.25
Price: $24.99

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  • KonFUSED 0 Gauge Fused Positive Battery Terminal In Line Fuse Holder
  • 0 Gauge Fused Battery Terminal
  • KnuKonceptz Fused Battery Terminal
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The KnuKonceptz FBT-40P patent (D927,708) design combines two functions, a battery terminal and in line fuse holder, into one product. Our engineers have cut a traditional battery terminal in half, insulated the two parts from each other, and linked them with two Mini-ANL fuses to create an all in one fused battery terminal. The FBT-40P has four large compression ports. Any combination of 0, 2 or 4 gauge can be achieved. From the factory three of these ports accept 0 gauge and one port accepts 4 gauge. Additional compression fittings may be purchased to offer any combination of four connections. Two of these ports are fused and two these ports are non-fused at all times. The fused ports should be used for connecting your accessories while the non fused side can be connected to the vehicles factory wiring. Speaking of factory connections, the FBT-40P does allow access to your OEM battery terminal via our TPA-POS terminal. Some simple modification to the FBT-40P smoked poly carbonate cover is required to allow access to this port.

The FBT-40 battery terminal clamps to your battery post with two insulated allen screws. These screws must be tightend evenly during installation to avoid binding or damage to the terminal.


Prior to installing, be sure you have room for the FBT-40. Minimum clearance required is 20mm.  Certain battery types lack the clearance required to mount the FBT terminals.

The FBT-40P measures 56mm x 80mm without the fittings installed. A minimum of 20mm clearance from the outside edge of the positive post in a required for the FBT-40P to be mounted

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How many fused outputs does this terminal have?
The FBT-40P Fused Battery Terminal has two ports that are fused and two ports that a not fused (constant 12V+)
How does this terminal mount to the battery post?
The FBT-40P Fused Battery Terminal is split into two halves. An insulated side and non insulated side are secured with two insulated allen screws. These screws MUST be tightened evenly when installing the terminal. Damage may occur if you over tighten the screws unevenly.