KnuKonceptz KCA-K4 4 gauge Amp Kit

Kit Includes:

18′ Metaliic Blue 4 Gauge bare copper clad aluminum power wire

3′ Silver Pearl 4 Gauge bare copper clad aluminum ground wire

17′ Dark Blue Shielded RCA Cable

10′ Blue 16 Gauge speaker wire

80A AGU Fuse, fuse holder, ring and spade terminals and wire ties.

It was fun to pull a part our own product, obviously we know what the specs are but never the less I still took the time to verify our products truly match our claims, consider it quality control. At first glance I could see the KLMX power wire was a lock on the over all largest cable of the review. The KnuKonceptz KLMX 4 gauge contains 1666 strands of 0.15mm bare copper clad aluminum, which equals a 3 gauge cable. KnuKonceptz makes no wattage claim, so we could not include ourselves in the “Volts to Watts” Scale. Included with the KLM-K4 is an 80A AGU fuse, only Lanzar and XXX offered an 80A fuse.

The KnuKonceptz amp installation kit includes 10′ of “eko” 16 gauge speaker wire. Its an entry level speaker wire only available in our amp kits and made of bare oxygen free copper. Out of the 7 kits, its the shortest length of speaker wire included, but it is also the only pure copper speaker wire out of 7 kits! I found that troubling, that not one of the other manufactures would even mention their speaker wire was not copper. There is nothing wrong with CCA when sized properly and the competition is just not doing that. The KLM-K4 tied for the largest diameter speaker wire with the DB Link PK4Z kit, however that model uses CCA.

Most people would take for granted that an RCA cable is made of copper and shielded. I was amazed to learn the KnuKonceptz eKo RCA Cable was 1 of 3 interconnects in this review to be made of Oxygen Free Copper and the ONLY rca cable to include a ground and foil shield within the cable. Using the largest signal and ground conductors of the review, the KnuKonceptz RCA was twice the weight of 4 of the 6 remaining RCA cables. The Legacy LAMP4 amp kit’s RCA cable came in a close second.

Conclusion – The KnuKonceptz KLM-K4 amp install kit contains higher quality components and a power/ground wire that is a minimum of 56% larger (all the way to 340%) of similarly marketed amp kits. These marginally cheaper amp kits pose a danger to an amplifier that needs a true gauge wire for the loads these manufactures advertise their products can handle.

Specifications – Power/Ground wire

Core Material: 34 Gauge Copper Clad Aluminum (0.15mm)
Rope Configuration: 98 strands x 17 ropes(1666 Strands total)
Dielectric: PVC
Outer Diameter: 10.5mm
Core Diameter: 8.23mm
Total Conductor Area: 29.44mm^2
Net American Wire Gauge: 3 Gauge

Specifications – RCA Cable

Signal Core Construction: 0.10 CCA strand x 20 – 26 Gauge core
Ground Core Constructionl: 0.12 CCA strand x 30 – 22 Gauge core
Shield: Ground and Foil Shield
Outer Diameter: 5.5mm x 12.5mm
Weight: 0.318kg

Specifications – Speaker wire

Core Material: 36 Gauge Bare Oxygne Free Copper
Rope Configuration: 98 strands
Dielectric: PVC
Outer Diameter: 3.5mm x 7mm
Total Conductor Area: 1.11mm^2
Net American Wire Gauge: 17 Gauge

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