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KonFUSED Compression 4/0 Adapter

Brand: KnuKonceptz
Product SKU: KNFCA-40
Availability: In Stock
Weight: .48
Price: $9.99

  • KonFUSED Compression 4/0 Adapter
  • 4/0 Distribution Block
  • 4/0 Compression Adapter

The KNFCA-40 compression adapter converts the KNF-60 and KNF-36 distribution blocks into a 4/0 input to 1/0 multi-output power and ground block. The power cable is secured using a multi-part compression fitting. Included with the KNFCA-40 is a 40mm heat shrink to insulate the exposed addition of your distribution block.

To Install: thread your KNFCA-60 into your distribution block. Install the compression fitting onto your 4/0 cable ( the KNFCA-40 also works with 2/0) Slide the heatshrink over your cable prior to installing the fitting into the KNFCA-40. Tighten the fiting into the body of the KNFCA-40. Place heatshink over the exposed portion of the KNFCA-40, apply heat.