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Brand: KnuKonceptz
Product SKU: KNF-36
Availability: In Stock
Weight: 1.8
Price: $27.49

Fuse Size 1 Fuse Size 2
  • KonFUSED 2 Way Fuse / 6 Way Ground Block

The KNF-36 offers multi-port 0 or 4 gauge output with fuse ratings from 40 to 300A per circuit. Our KNF-36 has two ports per output, making it flexible when determining location during your installation. These dual ports also make the KNF-36 fuse block capable of dual 0 gauge outputs per circuit, perfect for amps with dual power and ground inputs. Have a second battery to connect? The KNF-36 can connect two batteries together using its center, dual port input section. With this pass through design, multiple blocks can be linked endlessly.

There are three main configurations for the KNF-36

  • 2 Way Fuse Block with single outputs per circuit.
  • 2 Way Fuse Block with dual outputs per circuit.
  • 6 Way Ground Distribution

With KnuKonceptz Mini-Links, connect up to six 0 gauge cables to the KNF-36 to create a central ground point for your high output system

Included with each KNF-36 are a total of six compression fittings, three 4 gauge and three 0 gauge. Additional fittings are available in the installation accessories section. KnuKonceptz also includes your choice of fuse size or ground links with your purchase. These are selected from the drop down menu above.

Schematics are available detailing each several standard configurations in the additional photos section of this item.

Dimensions L x W x H: 2.8" x 4.6" x 1.85"
Total Ports: 6
Fittings Included: Three 0 Gauge, Three 4 Gauge
Fuse Type: Mini-ANL (AFC)
Fuse Count: 2 / 4 depending on configuration
Max Load: 300A x 2
Finish: Black Chrome




Overview – KNF Series Fuse / Distribution Blocks use our compression fittings to secure the input and output cable connections. By changing the fitting type, the installer can select from 1/0 or 4 gauge input or output

Notes – The KNF-36 can provide several custom installation configurations including dual 12+ input to a single high current amplifier. In the event an amplifier has a recommended fuse rating of 300A total, two 150A fuses would be placed on that output and each cable would provide equal amounts of current to that amplifier's dual input power supply.

Please see our compression fittings how to for more information regarding fitting/wire installation here http://www.knukonceptz.com/assets/Tech/knfhowto.pdf

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Your description says this block has dual inputs, do I need to use both?
The center section of the KNF-36 is the input. Only one port is required to power both outputs of the KNF-36. The second port of the center section can be used as a "pass through" to connect a rear battery to the rest of the audio system at the distribution block.
The KNF-36 comes with 6 fittings, what if I need different sizes?
The KNF-36 has three 0 gauge and three 4 gauge fittings, additional fittings are $0.99/each available here.
Why do you use two fuses per circuit on this block?
Mini-ANL fuses are limited to 150A per fuse due to the fuses' thermal limits. By using two fuses in parallel we are able to increase the maximum load sustainable by the Mini-ANL fuse and at a lower resistance compared to a single large fuse. Mini-ANL fuses are more compact and less expensive versus ANL fuses.