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Bassik 3 Way 0 to 0 - 4 Gauge High Current Fuse Distribution Block

Brand: KnuKonceptz
Product SKU: BK-2030
Availability: In Stock
Weight: .75
Price: $13.99

Fuse Size 1 Fuse Size 2 Fuse Size 3
  • Bassik 3 Way 0 to 0 - 4 Gauge High Current Fuse Distribution Block
  • KnuKonceptz 3 Way 0 to 0 - 4 Gauge Battery Cable Fuse Block
  • KnuKonceptz 3 Way 0 Gauge Fuse Block Output
  • KnuKonceptz 3 Way 0 Gauge Fuse Block Input
  • KnuKonceptz 3 Way 0 to 0 - 4 Gauge Fuse Block

Bassik - simple, clean, easy. This is the foundation of what KnuKonceptz calls Bassik. Easy to install, simple to connect and cost effective! The BK-2030 accepts two 0 or 4 gauge in and allows for two 0 gauge and one 4 gauge fused output without the use of adapters. Oversized allen screws can secure either gauge without any modification or additional parts to complicate the design.

The BK-2030 has three fused outputs, left / center / right. Each output is fused by a Mini-ANL style fuse. The left and right side output use two mini-ANL fuses in parallel per output. This feature allows the installer to fuse for loads up to 300A on these two circuits. The center output has a maximum fuse capacity of 150A. When ordering a 300A fuse, you will receive two 150A fuses for that selected circuit (150 x 2 = 300A) The same principle applies for an 80A load, you will receive two 40A fuses (Applies to Left / Right outputs only)

  • Compact High Current 3 Way fuse block with fuses
  • Accepts 0 or 4 gauge Input. Two fused 0 gauge and one fused 4 gauge outputs
  • Uses set screws to secure the wire, no adapters required
  • Works as a power block, ground blocks also available.
  • Includes Your Choice of Fuses

Your choice of three fuse ratings are included with the BK-2030. Select "Link" to turn your BK-2030 into a three way ground distribution block

Dimensions L x W x H: 3.66" x 3.11" x 1.20"
Total Ports: 5
Inputs: 0-4 Gauge x 2
Ouputs: 0-4 Gauge x 2 / 4-8 Gauge x 1
Fuse Type: Mini-ANL (AFC)
Fuse Count: 5 Max Load: 300A x 2 / 150A x 1
Finish: Satin Nickel

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How do I determine what size fuses I need for this fuse block?
Each output of a fuse distribution block normally is connected to a single amplifier. Each amplifier will have either a fuse on board or the manufacture will state within the manual's installation guide or spec sheet what the max fuse rating or current draw of the amplifier is. If your amp has three 30A fuses on boards, you want a 100A fuse for that particular output of this block (90A is not an option we offer). If the second amp has a single 40A fuse, then a 40A fuse goes into that output of the block and thus a 100A and 40A would be required
The BK-2030 has dual inputs, Do I need to use both?
No, the dual input design adds flexibility to your installation. In most cases, only one input is required. The second input port would be used if the installer is adding a second battery or needs to connect a second fuse block for more fused outputs. When loading the BK-2030 with a 300A x 2 fuse load, you MUST use the secondary input to connect to additional batteries
When MUST I use the second input?
If purchasing the BK-2030 with two 300A fuses for the left and right output, you MUST connect the BK-2030 to a second battery source. A single 0 gauge input is not capable of safely handling 600A loads and therefore you must use two 0 gauge inputs o power the BK-2030