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KonFUSED 0 Gauge Negative Battery Terminal

Brand: KnuKonceptz
Product SKU: FBT-40N
Availability: In Stock
Weight: 1.5
Price: $19.99

  • KonFUSED 0 Gauge Negative Battery Terminal
  • OEM Top Post Adapter with 0 Gauge Battery Terminal
  • KonFUSED Battery Terminal Cover
  • KonFUSED 0 Gauge Negative Battery Terminal

The KnuKonceptz FBT-40N is the negative match to our FBT-40 Fused Battery Terminal. Specifically machined for the negative battery post, the FBT-40N has 4 non-insulated compression ports. From the factory three of these ports accept 0 gauge and one port accepts 4 gauge. Additional compression fittings may be purchased to offer any combination of 0, 2 or 4 gauge output, The FBT-40N allows access to your OEM battery terminal via our top post adpater - TPA-NEGl. Some simple modification to the FBT-40N smoked poly carbonate cover is required to allow access to this port.

The FBT-40 battery terminal clamps to your battery post with two insulated allen screws. These screws must be tightend evenly during installation to avoid binding or damage to the terminal.


Prior to installing, be sure you have room for the FBT-40. Minimum clearance required is 20mm.  Certain battery types lack the clearance required to mount the FBT terminals.