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Brand: KnuKonceptz
Product SKU: KFX-PK0
Availability: In Stock
Weight: 11.3
Price: $124.99

Fuse Size 1
  • Kolossus Fleks 0 Gauge Power Amp Kit
  • 0 Gauge ANL In Line Fuse Holder

0 Gauge Amp Kits / 0 Gauge Power Kit

Kolossus Fleks 0 Gauge Power Amp Installation Kit. This kit is designed to be a base for installation of a large, high current audio system. Once again KnuKonceptz includes additional 0 gauge ground wire to allow for Battery to Chassis Ground Upgrade, a signature of a KnuKonceptz 0 Gauge kit.

KnuKonceptz Kolossus amp installation kit's feature our top of the line Kolossus Fleks power and ground cables. Made up of ultra flexible pvc and ultra fine tinned strands of oxygen free copper (OFC), the Kolossus Kable is the standard for which all others are compared to. The KFX-PK0 amp power kit provides 18 feet of blue marine grade full copper battery power wire and 5 feet of translucent black (smoke) ground wire. The KnuKonceptz FH-20 fuse holder comes with your choice of fuse size (see the FAQ to determine what size is right for you.)The fuse holder does not come installed within the cable, this allows the installer to place the inline fuse holder in an optimum location during installation. It also allows the installer to extend the power wire 1-3' by using the inline fuse holder to add cable to the main run (leaving the 18' as one unit and using the FH-20 to "splice" a few extra feet of wire should your installation require a longer run)

Additional Speaker Wire and RCA's will be required to complete your installation.

The Kolossus 0 Gauge Power Amp Kits Includes:

  • 18 Feet 0 AWG Blue Kolossus Fleks Power Wire
  • 5 Feet 0 AWG Black Kolossus Fleks Ground Wire
  • One FH-20 with Choice of Fuse size
  • 3 Black / 1 Red 0 Gauge ring terminals
  • 5 feet Split Loom and wire ties


Please click on a product quesion below to reveal the answer.

How many watts can this amp kit handle? 
At KnuKonceptz, we do not use "watts" to rate our amp kits. This is a very inaccurate method to determine what the proper gauge wire required for your amp installation. There are many car audio amplifier manufactures and not all of them represent the output of their product accurately. Please refer to your amplifier's fuse rating, this is a number a manufacture can not fake, well they could but it would put their product in harms way! Add up the fuses on the end of both of your amp (ex Amp A has three 40A fuses = 120A draw; Amp B has two 30A fuse = 60A Draw; 180A system total draw) If this number is under 300A, this kit will fit your application.
How do I determine what size fuses I need for the inline fuse holder?
Using the information from the answer above, the example system draw totals 180A therefore a 200A fuse is the minimum required and the safest option for the inline fuse holder.
Why should I upgrade the car's factory battery to chassis ground under the hood?
Your vehicle's wiring was engineered to work with the factory electrical load. By adding a massive current drawing load requiring a heavy 0 gauge power wire, you also need to upgrade the vehicle's ground wire. This kit includes the appropriate parts to complete this upgrade. The 5' section of ground should be cut one time (to make two sections). These do not need to be even length, but rather cut to fit your installation's need. You may only need 18" to connect the battery to your vehicles chassis. The remaining 0 gauge ground wire is then used to connect the audio amplifier to your car's chassis.
Can I alter this kit in any way before purchasing?
Our amp kits are made in large batches to reduce cost, which is passed onto you. We can not alter them in any way. Should you need to make alterations, you would have to purchase the items individually from our shopping cart.