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Brand: KnuKonceptz
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  • Karma SS 14 Gauge Speaker Wire
  • Karma OFC Speaker Wire

Karma 14 Gauge Speaker Cable - Eliminate bad vibes to your speakers with Karma SS Kable from KnuKonceptz. These Tinned Oxygen Free Copper speaker cables provide superior resistance to noise compared to conventional speaker wire. The wire actually will repel noise due to its twisted construction. Each conductor is composed of 189 strands of the finest copper for superb audio accuracy and flexibility. Each strand has been tinned. The tin contributes to a better sound quality by minimizing the skin-effect (lowering the current jumps between the wire surfaces).

Price is per foot.  Please see the bulk discount tab for discounted pricing on orders over 100 feet

Model DiameterA Diameter B Max Length Strand Count Material
KAR08SS 17mm (.669) 7.5mm (.295) 500Ft 805 x 2 Tinned OFC
KAR10SS 14mm (.551) 6mm (.236) 500Ft 462 x 5 Tinned OFC
KAR12SS 9mm (.354) 4mm (.157) 1000ft 294 x 2 Tinned OFC
KAR14SS 8mm (.315) 3.5mm (.138) 1500ft 189 x 2 Tinned OFC
KAR16SS 6.8mm (.265) 3mm (.115) 2000ft 112 x 2 Tinned OFC
KAR124SS 11mm (.443) 4mm (.157) 500ft 294 x 4 Tinned OFC



Overview –Karma Kable SS Speaker Cable is a twisted pair speaker wire. Each conductor is individually insulated then twisted together and insulated for a second time. Using tinned oxygen free copper will provide consistent frequency response for years to come. The tinned copper also makes the Karma Kable suitable for marine or other high moisture applications such as outdoor/burial or pool area wiring.  The inner conductor jackets are color coded clear(silver) and black to maintain proper polarity throughout your installation. The 12/4 model has “1” and “2” pairs and are marked
in such a manner.

Notes –To terminate the Karma Kable, a sharp razor or utility knife should be used to pierce through the outer jacket. Start 2-3” from the desired end and work out to the end. Cutting only ½ through the cable, once you have split the outer jacket you can peel and strip the inner conductors like standard wire. .

Bulk Pricing

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