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Amp Wiring Kit Buyers Guide

Not sure which KnuKonceptz amp wiring kit is right for your installation. Click here to see which kit is the best fit for your application.

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Car Audio Fabrication Reviews our Ultimate Battery Terminal

Check out what Mark from CAF has to say about our UBT's simple solution to adding an aftermarket battery terminal while retaining the OEM battery connection.

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New Pant sizes! Get the skinny on our new models

We've compiled a quick cross reference guide for selecting the right size pant with your KnuKonceptz speaker wire.

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Making your own custom length speaker cables

Terminating your own speaker cable with KnuKonceptz pants and banana plugs is very simple and a great way to finish your home audio system. In a few steps we show you how to dress up your cable ends, giving them that high end appearance for only a few dollars

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Head to Head 4 Gauge Amp Kit Review

Shopping online you can find many bargains, one can really save some money when shopping around. Name brand products are often sold for less online. Today however, you can not always rely on name brands in every category and what sounds like a good deal, is really just a lot of marketing hype. This is what drove me to do a complete review of the entry level amp kits found on ebay and Amazon

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