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Now shipping anywhere in the World!

After years of providing incredible products and service within Canada, United Kingdom, the United States....and now the World! Our new Global Checkout will calculate shipping rates for your purchase based on weight and volume of your order. While we have been shipping internationally for years, we feel that now is the time to take this knowledge and integrate into our site to allow for faster order processing to our international clients.

How our Global Cart works:

All product prices are listed in US Dollars and are the same price as if you were right here in the USA with us. Shipping rates are quoted using the weight schedule listed here:

Standard Shipping

Total Weight Rate
0 - 4.00 lbs $32.50
4.01 - 15.00 lbs $67.50
15.01 - 20.00 lbs $92.50
20.01 - 37.00 lbs $129.50
37.01 - 55.5 lbs $194.00
55.51 - 75.00 lbs $258.50
75.01 - 100.00 lbs $323.00

To purchase, select the items for purchase to your cart and continue to checkout. Choose your country from our drop down menu and be sure to include your full address in English. Due to some variances with post office standards, please try not to abbreviate street addresses.

International clients have the same check out options as our US customers. Choose from credit card or PayPal checkout options.

In some cases, the shipping amount may need to be adjusted slightly lower or higher then quoted through the automated checkout. Our experience in shipping has provided us guidelines on these shipping rates, but some exceptions may apply. In those instances, our customer service members will contact you regarding the issue BEFORE any additional payment charges are adjusted or finalized. Your final approval must be made before we will move forward with your purchase. Our business has grown on great service, we expect that same philosophy to work around the world as it has for us here at home.

Shipping Information:

Your order will ship by USPS Priority Mail International Shipping using the US Post Office's Flat Rate Envelopes and Parcels. Most orders will fit in one parcel or envelope. However, it is very common for larger orders or bulky small orders to be sent within several packages. Please note that we mark your shipments if there are multiple boxes within the order. You will also receive multiple shipping confirmation emails from the USPS in the event this should occur.

Tracking to most countries is provided automatically by the USPS. Please check spam or bulk email folders for these tracking confirmation emails. Time in transit varies by country, we can not provide guaranteed deliver times. Your order will be processed within 3 days of making your purchase on KnuKonceptz.com. Generally the USPS delivers within 2-3 weeks after the item ships. During the holiday season, this could take up to 4-5 weeks.


There is no sales tax added to your international purchase. However, the buyer is responsible for any taxes that are incurred with their purchase once at the final destination. Every country has a different tax rate for international purchases, please consult your local laws and tax rates for more information. All documents are processed electronically, no paper invoices are included with your purchase. Only the international customs paper work is enclosed.