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Lower Shipping Rates into Canada!

New FedEs shipping rates and serivce make it even easier to get KnuKonceptz products direct to your door!

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Limited Time - Kits of Kolor

Get'em while you can, select Kolossus series Amp Kits in the color of your choice

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Kandy Kolors are back in stock!

Our bright NEON colored battery cable is back in stock. Available in both OFC and CCA cable types

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KnuKonceptz Celebrates 15th Anniversary!

May 31st 2001 the very first KnuKonceptz products were released to the world. To celebrate, we're offering free shipping through June 1st!

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What is marine grade wire?

You have seen this term used by KnuKonceptz. Is it a just marketing hype or is there really something to "marine" grade wire that you should know about?

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