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About Us

Established in 2001, KnuKonceptz.com has continued to grow year after year! We offer quality and unique home and mobile audio accessories world wide. All your home theater and car installation needs are available here with incredible customer service to support you and your installation. Our reputation for superior products at unbeatable prices is reflected by our stellar feedback ratings across all sales channel and web forums KnuKonceptz products are sold and discussed on. With over 100,000 happy customers and growing fast, KnuKonceptz.com is a sure choice for your audio needs

Who We Are?
KnuKonceptz is owned and operated by audio fanatics. Our staff has over 50 years of hands on experience in mobile and home audio installation. Every item we sell, we manufacture. Combining our experience and the knowledge of our product provides you the best service available while saving you money. Since we manufacture our products, you have no middlemen, no distributors or audio stores to add the huge mark-ups. You get better service, for better product, at a better price, all delivered to your door

Why Are We Here?
KnuKonceptz mission is to create unique audio installation products that perform like no other and at a price that every one can afford. Our staff want to help you understand and reach your installation dream. No questions go unanswered; all will be answered in a timely manner (emails are answered within a few hours). Our customer service staff will not tell you BS just to get your cash, they are here to provide the answers to your questions and if requested will provide details on additional items you made need for your application.

KnuKonceptz.com is always looking for enthusiastic audiophiles and bass freaks to represent us in their area. For sponsor considerations, a show resume with photos of the vehicle MUST BE EMAILED to Kontact@KnuKonceptz.com Please note Sponsor Resume in the subject line.