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Krux Subwoofer / Center Channel 3D RCA Cable 2.5M

Brand: KnuKonceptz
Product SKU: KXX-SW2.5
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Weight: 0.34
Price: $19.99

  • Krux Subwoofer / Center Channel 3D RCA Cable 2.5M
  • Krux Subwoofer RCA Cable

The Krux Subwoofer / Center RCA Cable feature a larger core to deliver deep bass and enhanced center staging. The concept is simple, deliver a smooth sounding, high purity signal path for your analog audio signal. Within the core of the Krux RCA Cable is pure oxygen free copper (OFC) drawn in three distinct diameters(3D). This 3D design provides optimal signal transmission as low, mid, and upper ranges each travel these diameters with less distortion. Simplifying the design, we have reduced the core to only 7 strands. This minimizes strand interaction to maintain timing and spatial cues. These copper cores are insulated and then woven in an interlaced twisted pair geometry to reject external electromagnetic interference and eliminate cross talk between channels.

The Krux RCA Interconnect is terminated with gold plated male RCA connectors at both ends and utilize injection molded strain relief beneath their decorative white plated shells. Available in 2 channel and single channel RCA configurations.

Core Material: 3D Oxygen Free Copper - 20 Gauge
Cable Geometry: Interlaced Twisted Pair
Length: 2.5 Meter (8')
Dielectric: PVC
Outer Diameter: 7mm
Outer Jacket: Black / Gray / Silver / White
Termination: Gold Plated Male RCA with Pearl accents



Krux 3D RCA Cable Profile