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Kolossus Fleks Kable 1/0 Red Power /Ground Wire

Brand: KnuKonceptz
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  • Kolossus Fleks Kable 1/0 Red Power /Ground Wire
  • Kolossus 1/0 Power Wire

Kolossus Fleks Kable 1/0 Red Power Wire features 5145 Tinned Strands of Pure Oxygen Free Copper and a new Ultra Fleks Matte PVC Jacket. Our new jacket allows for improved flexibility and maintains exceptional resistance to abrasion, oil, and extreme temperatures (-40 to 105 C). Capable of loads over 300A. This product can be used in Marine applications.

Price is per one foot.


Kolossus Power Wire Specifications
Model Diameter A/B Max Load Max Length Strand Count Strand Size / Material
KFX-4/0 23 / 18mm 700A @20' 200' 10290 36 Gauge Tinned OFC
KFX0 16 / 12mm 375A @20' 500' 5145 36 Gauge Tinned OFC
KFX4 11 / 8 mm 150A @20' 1000' 2058 36 Gauge Tinned OFC
KFX8 7.5 / 5mm 60A @20' 1500' 805 36 Gauge Tinned OFC

*Diameter B estimated, being stranded cable there is no true measure for B

Overview –Kolossus Flex Power / Ground Wire consists of oversized, fine stranded, tinned Oxygen Free Copper (99.99%) conductors. By design, we increased the surface area of our cables to allow for higher current loads. Applications include marine and mobile audio. The Flex Kable features an ultra flex matte PVC jacket that makes it bend to any radius and stable in temperatures from -40C to 105C. Colors available include Black, Blue, and Red.

Notes –While our Kolossus Flex Kable is oversized, most manufacture’s terminals will still fit our cables. The tinned OFC will resist oxidation thus making the cable suitable for marine or any high moisture applications.

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How do I order 18 feet of cable?
We sell this cable by the foot. To purchase 18' enter "18" in the QTY box and click add to cart. This number represents the total number of continuous feet you want to order.


Can this power wire be used as ground or power wire?
Yes, there is no physical difference between power or ground cable. We do recommend using two different color wires to differentiate between positive and negative connections though.




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