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Bassik 4 Gauge Power / Ground Wire - Black

Brand: KnuKonceptz
Product SKU: BK-PWR4BK
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  • Bassik 4 Gauge Power / Ground Wire - Black

Core Material: Copper Clad Aluminum - 32 Gauge Strand
Length: Sold By The Foot
Dielectric: PVC
Outer Diameter: 11mm
Conductor Diameter: ~8mm
MAX Current Rating: 60A @ 25Ft

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What is the difference between your Bassik and KCA Kable?
The KnuKonceptz Bassik power wire meets all American Wire Gauge standards. Our KCA Kable exceeds all American Wire Gauge standards. If you compare our KCA side by side to the Bassik the difference is clear. The Bassik is designed for lower powered systems on a budget, where as the KCA is for mid powered systems and can till perform similarly to copper power wire due to its oversized conductor.
How are you able to offer such a lower price on this cable?
The Bassik uses a larger strand vs all our other cables. Its still very flexible, just not as flexible as the KCA or Kolossus power wire. Using these larger strands means less production time, which translates to a less expensive cable to manufacture.
How do I order 18 feet of cable?
We sell this cable by the foot. To purchase 18' enter "18" in the QTY box and click add to cart. This number represents the total number of continuous feet you want to order.

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