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KCA Kable 1/0 Ultra Fleks Red CCA Power / Ground Cable

Category: KCA Kable
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Price: $1.95

Kolossus Copper Aluminum Kable (KCA Kable) has arrived! The KCA Kable uses the same ultra flex PVC found in the Kolossus Fleks Kable and the Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA) conductor from the KLMX Kable. Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA) is made up of 90% Aluminum and 10% Copper. CCA overall provides a cost effective solution to most audio systems. Assembled from stranded 34 gauge CCA, the KCA Kable is equal in size to the Kolossus Fleks Kable, but is designed for lighter current loads and not lightening your wallet.

The KCA series 1/0 Red Cable offers improved flexibility over the 'KLMX' Series and a rugged PVC outer jacket that is impervious to grease and oil. The PVC outer jacket can with-stand the extreme temperatures (-40 to 105 C) and capable loads of 250A. Price is per one foot.

Product Spec Sheet


Diameter A/B*

Max Load

Max Length

Conductor Material

Strand Size


16 / 12mm

250A @ 20'

500 Feet

Copper Clad Aluminum

34 Gauge


11 / 8mm

100A @ 20'

1000 Feet

Copper Clad Aluminum

34 Gauge

7.5 / 5mm
50A @ 20'
2000 Feet

Copper Clad Aluminum

34 Gauge
*Diameter B estimated, being stranded cable there is no true measure for B

Overview –KCA Kable Power / Ground Wire consists of over sized, 34 gauge stranded, copper clad aluminum (CCA)conductors. Because we are using CCA, the KCA Kable has been over sized to offset the higher resistance of the CCA compared to that of an OFC cable. Following the load chart above, the use of the KCA Kable follows accepted indusry standards for voltage drop over the rated distance. Applications include mobile audio and other 12V automotive applications. The KCA Kable features an ultra flex matte PVC jacket that makes it bend to any radius and stable in temperatures from -40C to 105C. Colors available include Black, Blue, and Red (coming soon).

Notes –While our KCA Kable is over sized, most manufacture’s terminals will still fit our cables.

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How do I order 18 feet of cable?
We sell this cable by the foot. To purchase 18' enter "18" in the QTY box and click add to cart. This number represents the total number of continuous feet you want to order.
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