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Brand: KnuKonceptz
Product SKU: KNO-RC52
Availability: In Stock
Weight: 39
Price: $156.99

  • Kno Knoise Resonance Control Bulk Pack 52.5sq ft

Kno Knoise is a constrained layer dampener, or what is now commonly abbreviated as a CLD. What is a CLD? A CLD is a material that adheres to panel to reduce resonant noise by using a viscoelastic polymer, in this case butyl rubber, sandwiched between two constraining walls to strengthen or "deaden" the outer wall. The outer aluminum backing reinforces the panel and reduces vibrations and rattles. It deadens the panel it is attached to, thus the name sound deadener. Kno Knoise quiets your vehicle's panels by stopping the vibrations that generate noise.

Our standard model, Resonance Control, is thicker then the competition's "extreme" product measuring in at 80mils (2mm) total thickness and with an aluminum top layer that is 7mils thick. This Bulk Pack includes 30 sheets of Kno Knoise Resonance Control for a total of 52.5sq ft.

Dampening Material: Butyl Rubber
Total Thickness: 80mil (2mm)
Foil Thickness: 7mil
Weight: 0.71 lb/sq foot
Sheet size: 1.75sq ft (11" x 23")
# Sheets included: 30
Max Temperature Range: -50F to 350F Meets FMVSS 302 standards for flammability
Operating Temperature Range: 10F to 130F

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How do I install Kno Knoise sound deadener?
The butyl rubber is a sticky polymer, you simply clean the surface the sheet is to be applied onto, rubbing alcohol or similar cleaner is fine, peel the wax paper backing from Kno Knoise and place onto the panel. Use a rubber roller or your hand to firmly attach the deadener onto the vehicles panel.
Can I cut this material and with what?
Kno Knoise can be cut easily with a utility knife, scissors or tin snips to the shape of your panel