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Brand: KnuKonceptz
Product SKU: KARSS4.6M
Availability: In Stock
Weight: 1.7
Price: $15.74

  • Karma SS 4 Channel 6 Meter RCA Cable

Karma SS RCA Cables - The New Karma SS line features a new braid shield to go along with its twisted Smoke/Silver design. Each channel also receives a mylar foil shield, blocking out unwanted noise from entering your audio signal. Termination of the Karma SS RCA is made complete with turbine cut, Black Chrome RCA connectors. Each end uses rubber o-rings to provide a sure grip for installation of the Karma SS Kable.

Also Available in 2 Channel, the KARSS4.6M is a 6 Meter (19.5ft) RCA Cable


Core Material: Oxygen Free Copper
Cable Geometry: Twisted Coaxial
Length: 6 Meters (19.5 feet)
Dielectric: PVC
Shielding: Coaxial Copper Braid Shield over a Mylar Foil Shield
Outer Diameter: 9.5mm
Outer Jacket: Clear and Smoke (L/R Channels) Inside clear PVC
Termination: Black Chrome Plated Male RCA with Satin Nickel Accents and Rubber Grips