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Brand: KnuKonceptz
Product SKU: SP124
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  • Speaker Wire Pants - 12 Gauge Bi-Wire (Y boot)

The SP124 Speaker Wire Pants by KnuKonceptz was designed to dress and finish your cable. The SP124 works with our 12 Gauge Karma Bi-Wire. Each "leg" is 5" long to provide the installer added flexibility when terminating his cables. Price is per pant (Y-boot)

Image shown represents the 2 "leg" (SP12) model. The Bi-Wire model has 4 "legs".



Input ID

Output ID


8 Gauge (Karma)


0.315" x 2


10 Gauge (Karma)


0.25" x 2

SP10(F)* 10 Gauge Round/Side-by-Side 0.50" or (5.5x11mm) 0.2175" x 2
12 Gauge (Bi-Wire)
0.15" x 4
12-14 Gauge Round/Side-by-Side
0.35"  or  (5x10mm)
0.1975" x 2


16-18 Gauge


0.13" x 2


Overview –The KnuKonceptz Speaker Pants are designed to be used with our Karma and KL3 Series speaker wires. They can also fit speaker wire offered by other manufactures and be used in custom RCA cable applications. The above ID’s are general measurements and can vary slightly.

Notes –The “legs” of the pants are 5” long. These can be cut and shortened to better suite your installation. By starting with a longer length though these pants have a wider reach compared to similar products.

*SP10(F) Model added for specific use for Kord 10 Gauge and any side by side speaker wire. Karma 10 Gauge requires a larger input and therefore the SP10 should be used for any 10 Gauge Karma Kable installation

**SP12 specification was changed to (F) which allows Kord and Karma 12 Gauge to use the same pant. Most round and side by side 12 gauge speaker wire will easily fit the new SP12F specification

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Are these pants made to shrink?
No these pants are rubber and are not going to shrink with heat.