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KonFused Positive Battery Terminal

Brand: KnuKonceptz
Product SKU: KBT-30P
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Weight: 0.7
Price: $18.99

  • KonFused Positive Battery Terminal

The KBT-30 is a triple port battery terminal with multiple gauge configurations. From the factory the terminal includes three (3) 1/0 Gauge fittings and one (1) 4 Gauge fitting. Additional 4 gauge fittings may be purchased for triple 4 Gauge output.

Our KonFused compression fitting termination offers the highest level of surface contact area. Better connection means less resistance, which equals higher voltage to your system. The KonFused System also allows for multiple gauges to be used without any product modification. Please review our compression fitting PDF for questions regarding this design.

Each terminal includes a Polarity indicator (+ / - ) directly on the terminal and cover. The Positive terminal has a larger diameter post opening to match your battery. The Negative terminal uses a smaller diameter post opening. This is a safety feature your battery manufacture has established to protect against reverse polarity connectivity. A set allen screw is used to tighten the KBT-30 onto your battery’s post. After installing the cables into the fittings and tightening them into place, place the terminal onto your battery’s post and tighten this screw. Your battery’s posts are made from lead. This is a soft metal. Be careful not to over tighten the allen screw, the hard metal of the terminal will slightly compress the lead terminal post.

The KBT-30 measures 3-9/16” (W) x 2-1/2” (H) x 1-3/8” (D) with its protective cover in place



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How can I connect 2 Gauge wire with these terminals?
The 0 Gauge fitting can be used with a 2 gauge cable as well
Is there a difference between the Positive and Negative top post terminal?
Yes, the Negative top post terminal's opening is smaller in diameter so that it can not be mounted on the positive battery post and cause a reverse in polarity within the vehicle.
Can I purchase additional fittings for this model?
Yes, additional fittings are available for purchase under our installation accessories page. They are $0.99 each