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Krux Kable Interlaced Braid 3D Copper 12 Gauge Speaker Wire

Brand: KnuKonceptz
Product SKU: KXX-SPW8
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  • Krux Kable Interlaced Braid 3D Copper 12 Gauge Speaker Wire

The Krux Cable concept is simple, deliver a smooth sounding, high purity signal path for your analog audio signal. Construction begins with oxygen free copper (OFC) drawn in three distinct diameters(3D). This 3D design provides optimal signal transmission as low, mid, and upper ranges each travel these diameters with less distortion. Simplifying the design, we have reduced each core to only 7 strands yielding an 18 gauge conductor. Isolating smaller groups of copper minimizes strand interaction to maintain timing and spatial cues.

With the Krux Speaker Wire, that is where simple ends. A complex interlaced counter braid separates positive and negative conductors within the cable structure.  Eight isolated conductors, 4 positive and 4 negative cores are woven to make one flexible, large gauge, speaker cable.  In straight wire configuration the SPW8 is an 11 gauge (AWG) speaker wire. Configuring for Bi-Wire, the SPW16 yields four 14 gauge conductors.

The Krux SPW8 is sold as bulk speaker wire by the foot to be assembled by the end user.    

Core Material: Oxygen Free Copper
Core Gauge: 18 Gauge
Number of Cores: 8
Aggregate Gauge: 11 Gauge x 2 (Straight Wire) or 14 Gauge x 4 (Bi-Wire)
Dielectric: PVC
Outer Diameter: 10mm
Outer Jacket:  (P+) 2 White / 2 Silver   (N-) 2 Gray / 2 Black