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KL3 Kable 10/2 Audiophile CL3/UL In Wall Speaker Wire

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  • KL3 Kable 10/2 Audiophile CL3/UL In Wall Speaker Wire

NEW KL3 Kable - CL3 Rated Audiophile 10 Gauge Speaker Wire Each conductor is composed of 462 strands of the finest copper for superb audio accuracy and flexibility. The KL3 Kable bears the UL mark (E313739) and is approved for residential and commercial applications. The cable in finished in a White Ultra-Flex PVC Jacket. Price is per foot - Also available in 100' / 250' / 500' increments



Diameter A

Diameter B

Max Length

Strand Count

Strand Size / Material


10mm (.395)

4mm (.157)

800 Feet

462 x 2

36 Gauge BareOFC


9.25mm (.365)

3.35mm (.1325)

1000 Feet

294 x 2

36 Gauge BareOFC

8mm (.3175)
2.75mm (.1085)
1500 Feet
189 x 2
36 Gauge BareOFC


Overview –KL3 Speaker Cable is an Audiophile UL listed CL3 rated speaker wire. The CL3 rating designates that this cable can be used within the walls of commercial and residential applications. The KL3 Speaker Cable can be used in general use as well as for architectural wiring. Each foot bears the UL mark E313739. The inner conductor jackets are color coded red and black to maintain proper polarity throughout your installation. The cable is finished in a white ultra-flex PVC jacket.

Notes –The KL3 Cable is not of a twisted pair geometry. Twisted pair construction would lead to a higher resistance per foot. This is from added copper due to the twisted design. When dealing with longer runs within a building or home, this added copper could have an impact in the frequency response of the system and is why we have opted not to build this audiophile cable in this manner.

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How do I order 50 feet of cable?
We sell this cable by the foot. To purchase 50' enter "50" in the QTY box and click add to cart. This number represents the total number of continuous feet you want to order.

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